• To promote quality as a way of life in Indian industry.

  • To propagate knowledge and awareness of quality and reliability in our industry and service organizations through education and training.

  • To help industry to achieve production of goods and services of high quality at low cost in order to make Indian industry globally competitive.

  • To assist organizations in service sector such as banks, transport, communications, utilities etc in ensuring customer delight.

  • To help organization recognize that, in addition to adopting process control at all stages, attention to the whole role of pre production disciplines is vital in order to ensure quality at minimum cost.

  • To structure, develop and build up adequate training materials for the benefit of top management in their pursuits of business strategy, Development of Corporate Quality plan, Drafting of Quality Manuals and adoption of annual quality improvement Act ivies.

Conference & Events

To Organize conventions, Conferences, Seminars symposia workshops, lectures, audio-visual, and Film shows meetings discussions,

Evening Program

To institute and confer awards in recognition of outstanding contributions by organizations, top management and others in the pursuit of

Training & Workshops

To evolve suitable training program’s on quality reliability aspects specially tailored to suit the needs of different types of industries, disciplines

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